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Policyd v2 (codenamed "cluebringer") is a multi-platform policy server for popular MTAs. This policy daemon is designed mostly for large scale mail hosting environments. The main goal is to implement as many spam combating and email compliance features as possible while at the same time maintaining the portability, stability and performance required for mission critical email hosting of today. Most of the ideas and methods implemented in Policyd v2 stem from Policyd v1 as well as the authors' long time involvement in large scale mail hosting industry.

Getting support:

  • Mailing list
    • This is a great resource for solutions to common problems
    • Please take special care when replying or posting to the mailing list and read RFC 1855 regarding mail and mailing list guidelines. Specifically section 3.1 onwards.
    • You can subscribe to the users mailing list here or view the archives here
  • IRC
    • #policyd

How to ask for help:

  • Mailing list is the preferred method although users are more than welcome to join us on IRC
  • Include:
    • Full policyd debug log (see here to enable logging)
    • Postfix log, if applicable
    • Steps to reproduce, if possible
    • Relevant database fields / structure
    • Relevant mail log